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Legendary beauty of Nui Coc Lake

Nui Coc Lake also surprises tourists by a mysterious legend of a romantic but tragic love story between a girl named Cong and a man named Coc. As the legend has it, the Cong River and Coc Mountain are named after the names of the ill-fated couple.

The tourism zone of Nui Coc Lake covers a large mountainous area with natural landscape and exciting entertainment areas. The lake is surrounded by mountains, forest trees and green tea hills which help to make Nui Coc more like an artistic painting. Visiting Nui Coc Lake, tourists can explore natural beauty of the vast lake, amazing islets, giant mountains as well as enjoy entertainment activities and the region’s specialties.

Nui Coc tourism area is divided into two parts: the north and the south of the lake. The northern zone provides visitors with varieties of entertainment facilities like water park, dinosaur park, electric railway, swimming pools and so on. Along the hill’s slope, many lodging houses and guest houses are available to tourists who want to stay overnight. A thing that should not be missed is the region’s specialties such as shrimp, tench bream….How enjoyable it is to sit in a restaurant floating on cool water and enjoying the region’s specialties.

The southern zone of Nui Coc Lake shows all kinds of services and a busy tourism zone which can meet diverse needs of tourists.

Discovering caves is a great choice to those who love adventurous tourism. Such caves as ‘Legendary Palace’, ‘Three Pine Trees’ and ‘Fairy Tale World’ will certainly amaze tourists. Inside the caves there are fanciful mazes and natural masterpieces of all kinds. More interesting, many old fairy tales are carved on the cave’s walls. Fairy tales along with legendary beauty of caves will lead tourists to a miraculous world to forget all their fatigue and sorrow in life.

Once getting out of caves, exploring overall Nui Coc Lake on a boat will give tourists much pleasure. Many beautiful islets are waiting to be explored. You can visit Co Island (the island of storks) covered with wild myrtles and bamboos where live many kinds of birds and storks. Along the way, you can also drop into Thuong Ngan temple or Nui Cai islet to enjoy as many as 1,000 Vietnam traditional handicraft products on display. Enjoying the region’s specialties like bream, shrimp and so on has become indispensable part of Nui Coc tourism.

Currently, infrastructure facilities in Nui Coc tourism area have been in good service to diverse needs of tourists.

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