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Quy trình thủ tục xin phép di chuyển từ Victoria tới NSW cho công dân Việt Nam

Quy trình thủ tục xin phép di chuyển từ Victoria tới NSW cho công dân Việt Nam

Author: vembassy/Friday, July 10, 2020/Categories: covid

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The process for foreign nationals in Victoria seeking to travel through NSW to connect with international flights departing from Sydney is as follows:

-          Each individual traveller must apply for an Entry Permit

-          Upon successful completion of the form, an entry permit is generated and emailed immediately to the traveller (see example attached)

-          The permit comes with several conditions, including:

o   The traveller must transit through and leave NSW by the most practicable direct route

o   The traveller must self-isolate if an overnight stay in NSW is required

o   The traveller must keep their permit with them at all times, along with any supporting evidence associated with their travel (such as their plane ticket)

o   Failure to comply with these conditions may involve the cancellation of a permit and/or penalties under NSW law

-          A permit will not be issued if, in the previous 14 days, the traveller has:

o   Been overseas

o   Been in contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and asked to isolate

o   Had symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or

o   Been diagnosed with COVID-19

-          If travellers have any questions about the online application process, they should contact Service NSW on 13 77 88 (available 24/7). Two frequently asked questions include:

o   On Page 1 of the application form, how can a traveller enter their home address if it is located outside Australia? Travellers can select the option to ‘Enter address manually’ if their home address is located outside Australia;

o   On Page 2 of the application form, which ‘exemption category’ should a traveller select? Those foreign nationals seeking to travel through NSW from Victoria in order to connect with an international flight out of Sydney should select ‘Interstate resident transiting through NSW’ [note: this category may be renamed slightly to ‘Person transiting through NSW’ or similar]



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