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Deputy PM Minh: Peace, security – prerequisites for sustainable development

Deputy PM Minh made the statement when delivering a speech at the March 30 General Debate of the 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU-132) on an emergency item suggested by Belgium and Australia.

The official noted that nations should respect international law, avoid the use of force in international relations and promote resolving disputes through peaceful means.

He suggested that countries enhance co-operation to address social inequality; boost programmes on connectivity, hunger eradication and poverty reduction and foster a green economy to create a sustainable basis for peace, security and development.

Deputy PM Minh reaffirmed Vietnam’s foreign policy of peace, co-operation and development, saying that in international integration, Vietnam wants to be a friend, a reliable partner and a responsible member of the international community for the prosperity of each nation, for peace, independence, democracy and social advancement.

Vietnam attaches importance to friendship with all countries, particularly neighbouring and regional countries, and together with other countries, strives for world-wide equality in accordance with the UN Charter and international laws, Minh said.

Vietnam also attaches importance to the roles and voices of multilateral institutions and forums on security and development in the region and the world, he added.

Minh said that with the ongoing renewal process and comprehensive international integration, Vietnam has contributed to maintaining peace and international security, boosting co-operation among nations, proving itself an active and responsible member of the international community.

Vietnam pledges to continue joining efforts with ASEAN member countries to enhance relations with dialogue partners in the region and the world in order to turn Asia-Pacific into a peaceful region of co-operation and development, Minh affirmed.

To reach the target, all countries should build on strategic trust and boost co-operation in seeking appropriate solutions for challenges to regional peace and security, particularly disputes over territories, seas and islands. Powers should prove their roles and responsibilities, respect legitimate interests of medium and small countries and avoid actions which make the regional situation more complicated, Minh said.

Vietnam is consistent on the principle of respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations, against actions of use of force or threats of use of force while advocating dispute settlement, particularly in the East Sea, through peaceful means in accordance with international laws, the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and regional conduct principles, Minh added.

Deputy PM Minh valued parliaments’ important role in realising shared expectation for world order based on international laws.

He expressed his hope that the Vietnamese National Assembly would be an important hub for promoting friendship and co-operation between Vietnamese people and NA and IPU member countries’ people, contributing to realising their shared goals.

Earlier, ASEAN Secretary General Le Luong Minh delivered an important speech emphasising the role of peace and security in forming the ASEAN Community.

Delegates attending the March 30 General Debate discussed a draft resolution on “The role of parliaments in combating all terrorist acts perpetrated by organisations such as Daesh and Boko Haram against innocent civilians, in particular women and girls”, which was submitted to the IPU-132 Assembly on March 29 by the delegations of Belgium and Australia.

(Source: Nhan Dan Newspaper)


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