Monday, May 01, 2017

Thủ tục dành cho công dân Việt Nam (for Vietnamesse)

Cấp Giấy miễn thị thực

5-year Visa Exemption Certificate

- Giấy miễn thị thực có giá trị 5 năm (hoặc giá trị đến trước thời hạn của hộ chiếu 6 tháng).

- Người có Giấy miễn thị thực được nhập xuât cảnh Việt Nam nhiều lần để thăm thân hoặc giải quyết việc riêng trong thời gian của Giấy này, mỗi lần nhập cảnh được cư trú 180 ngày; và có thể được gia hạn cư trú thêm tại Việt Nam không quá 180 ngày nữa (nếu có tổ chức, cá nhân Việt Nam bảo lãnh và có lý do chính đáng).

This Certificate is for :

- Foreign passport holder of Vietnamese origin; and

- Foreign passport holder who is spouse, son/daughter, or parent of the foreign passport holder of Vietnamese origin.

Khuyến cáo về dịch bệnh do virus Zika

Hiện nay, trước tình hình dịch bệnh Zika đang bùng phát mạnh tại nhiều nước, trong đó có Xing-ga-po, Thái Lan, Cục Lãnh sự Bộ Ngoại giao Việt Nam đề nghị công dân khi xuất nhập cảnh các nước có dịch bệnh cần lưu ý một số điểm (xin xem chi tiết trong tin này).

Unilateral Visa exemption for following passports holders:

- the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain (valid until 30th June 2017); and

- Japan, the Repulic of Korea, Denmark, Norway, Sweeden, Finland, Russian Federation, Belarus.

Conditions applied.

The Vietnamese Embassies and Consular Offices are the ONLY Competent Government Agencies, who are authoried to issue visas abroad.


- We would like to announce that the following websites are not legitimate:,,,,,,,,,,, and other websites which may exist.

- The Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam and the Embassy of Viet Nam in Australia have recently received many feedbacks from foreign nationals on the visa online service provided by above-mentioned websites.
- The Embassy holds no responsibility for any visa application for Viet Nam provided by these services.

In order to avoid any risks that may arise when boarding flights or at ports of entry in Viet Nam due to possible miscommunication, travellers are strongly recommended to apply with the Vietnamese Embassies and Consular General Offices in Australia to get visas before leaving BY POST OR IN PERSON.


Entry visas to Viet Nam can be applied BY POST or IN PERSON (by the applicant or anyone on his/her behalf) at the Embassy.

By post (Check list): Original passport, form + photo, fee in AUD (Money Order, Bank Cheque, or cash), return envelop.

In person (check list): Original passport, form+photo, cash in AUD.

Visa form is downloaded here, or in this article or in home page (Form for Consular Services). Please see detailed instructions in this article.

For the USA passport, the minimum visa's validity is up to 01-year multiple entries.

Criminal Records Certificate (police check) for foreigners who resided in Viet Nam at the Vietnamese National Center for Criminal Records

Step 1: Certification by the Embassy of Viet Nam of your signature in Criminal Records Form and certification of true copy of your passport;

Step 2: Submission of paper work as required to the Vietnamese competent authority in Viet Nam (Department of Justice of the Province/cities where you resided; or the Hanoi-based National Center for Criminal Records- NCCR) by post or in person to get the Criminal Records Certificate; and

Step 3: Translation into English of the Criminal Records Certificate obtained at Step 2 which can be done at our Embassy.

Step 4:  Submission of the Vietnamese Criminal Records Certificate and its translated version to the relevant Australian authority.